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Ever since then, Gut Böckel has been open to the public for cultural events and exhibitions. One event especially worth highlighting is the Christmas market, “Christmas in the barn”, which is held on the first weekend in Advent and has become well-known far beyond regional borders.

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Gut Böckel, the place where Rainer Marie Rilke wrote his poetry, where Martin Heidegger philosophized and where Federal President Theodor Heuss visited the lady of the manor Hertha Koenig back in the day, is nowadays a place where a big family gathers and concertedly works to foster art and culture. Since 1991, Gut Böckel is owned by Ernst and Karen Leffers..

Initially, our aim was just to purchase an agricultural enterprise for our youngest son, Börries Freiherr von Oeynhausen-Leffers. It was only at second glance that we realized the charm and the diverse scopes for redesigning the back then ailing estate. Thanks to careful renovations of the historical building stock and the park, which is part of the European Garden Heritage, we were able to save this piece of culture from decay.

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Gut Böckel offers you:


Gut Böckel has once been described by the press as a “silent oasis with a romantic charm”. Here in the historical buildings of the estate and its surroundings You find seclusion, tranquility and a listed park that invites visitors to stroll around in it, as well as facilities for conventions and staff workshops of any size.

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Weddings and celebrations: Your day!

A wedding, a milestone birthday, an anniversary. A big day in Your life deserves a big setting. You will hardly find a location more beautiful in the region East Westphalia-Lippe for Your event than Gut Böckel. Everything is possible in our protected buildings, whether You like it elegant or country-style, whether You are expecting 50 or 400 guests. Surprise Your guests with the unique atmosphere of our estate, which will make Your big day the highlight of the year.

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Setting for film and photography

Whether it’s for a crime movie, love story or a product presentation, Gut Böckel with its unique charm provides the perfect location for any kind of film and photographic production. You will hardly find another setting as outstanding as our estate for Your project. Reserve Your time slot now and You can have the historical buildings and the European Heritage park at Your disposal.

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Copper beech and silver maple

Numerous solitary trees, such as copper beech, silver maple, bald cypress and Colorado white fir, secluded spots and unkempt corners give our listed park its very special atmosphere. The boundary between the park and the private garden is marked by the picturesque moat. In 1890 the garden architect Rudolph P.C. Jürgens got assigned the task to design the park by Carl Koenig. Right in front of the residential building he created a geometrical garden, the so-called “Parterre”, with a round fountain surrounded by flowers and yews cut to a conical shape. Being the son of a nursery owner, he planted exotic trees in the two-hectare landscape park. With regard to criteria like light before dark, he placed conifers behind deciduous plants and combined hanging and upward growing growth types, small-leaved and large-leaved as well as slit and smooth-edged species.

Rudolph P.C. Jürgens’ architecture is still visible today. In some places, the visitor can still vaguely see the former circular paths underneath the grass. For musician Justus Frantz it is “one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen in Germany”. The park became part of the European Garden Heritage Network in 2005. During the summer months international Artists present themselves as part of the project „Garden Landscape East Westphalia-Lippe“. Since 2001 we’ve had the honor to welcome Not Vital, Yukata Sone, Richard Deacon, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and, last but not least, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov here at Gut Böckel, to mention just a few.

Their installation „MEET THE ANGEL“ has been installed in the park since 2003.

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“Weihnachten im Stall”, Gut Böckel on the first weekend of Advent

A Christmas market from another time

Since 2001 Gut Böckel has hosted the Christmas market called “Weihnachten im Stall“ (“Christmas in the barn”). If you talk about Christmas markets, you talk about Böckel. And that’s not only true from Bünde to Osnabrück, but also from Bremen to Berlin and Kassel to Cologne. It is one big family that gathers on the premises of the estate during the first weekend of Advent to revive the magic of Christmas from childhood memories.

The host himself guides guests around the castle, and the sons, Baron Falk and Baron Börries von Oeynhausen take care of visitors end exhibitors. Aunts from the Netherlands and Spain sell traditional “Stollen”, which is baked in Dresden especially for Gut Böckel, while the brother-in-law sings Christmas carols with the visitors in the castle chapel. Twelve grandchildren lead the way, announce the colorful program and on Sunday wish exhibitors a merry Christmas time with fresh gingerbread stars. Daughter Nadia Lange reads fairy tales to the children and presents them with lanterns for the lantern processions, which are musically accompanied by the YMCA Rödinghausen. With her cheerful and can-do spirit, she is an essential part of this event. 
Visitors are also spoiled culinarily. In the outdoor area, a gourmet service offers bratwurst, potato pancakes and mulled wine, and in the cow barn a gourmet restaurant is set up for the weekend. In our “Rye House” Obsthof Otte creates simple but delicious meals, and opportunities to have a coffee and a snack can be found almost everywhere on the premises. The number of our friends who join us for this event grows steadily, and with each year more people are looking forward to discovering the exclusive and unique Christmas presents, small or big, presented by our more than 110 exhibitors – under the roofs of a “Westphalian jewel”, as one visitor kindly wrote about us.  

Anyone who has visited Böckel on a first Sunday of Advent knows how beautiful old trees in a listed park can look when they are bathed in light, how atmospheric the light of the torches is reflected by the water, how lovingly and elegantly the castle, stables and barns are decorated, and how white fireworks “snow” from the skies. If You haven’t experienced this magical event yet, You should come and let us surprise You here in Böckel on the first weekend of Advent!


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Küchenmeile A30

“Küchenmeile A30 (MOW)” takes place once again from 17.09. until 23.09.2016 at Gut Böckel, among other places. It is a trade fair solely for retailers, during which for example Miele, Bauknecht, Blanko, Beko and kitchen aid transform the whole area into a kitchen paradise. You can find a complete list of all exhibitors on our website:

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Of the low country’s earthly smell

The estate was first mentioned in an official document in 1350, as property of the knight Alhard, also known as Rape von dem Bussche. The first castle is located northeast of today’s estate, still recognizable by the remains of the original moat.

In 1495 the estate is handed down in female line from the Bussche-Gesmold-family to Heinrich von Quernheim.

Again in female line, in 1540 the estate gets bequeathed to the von Voß-family, who have resided there for 200 years with a hereditary possession. During this time, the estate is called „Voßböckel“. The crest of the von Voss-family can be found above the first archway of the baroque building complex with its two characteristic corner towers, which dates back to the year 1682 and has remained in its original shape ever since. This together with the double moat, one of which was filled in at a later point, bears witness to the defensive capabilities of the complex.

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The next owner is Jobst Freiherr von Vincke in 1771.

After his death in 1813, the administrator Friedrich Gottlieb Köhne buys the estate.

1841 he sells it to Councilor of Commerce Gustav Delius from Bielefeld.

In 1874 the estate was bought by Leopold Koenig, who had come to great wealth in Russia with the cultivation of sugar beet. His granddaughter, the poet Hertha Koenig, managed the estate until her death and opened it for art and culture.

In 1991 Dr. Ernst Leffers purchased the estate from Halvor Jörgensen, the grandnephew of Hertha Koenig for his adopted son, Börries Freiherrn von Oeynhausen-Leffers.



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