Forests, gardens and nature

Estates embedded in gorgeous landscapes

The estates of Allodien members in most cases are embedded in gorgeous landscapes, often surrounded by gardens and parks, which served their former owners centuries ago as pleasure grounds.

A lot of gardens and parks, however, were neglected over centuries. A renaissance of the importance of these sites has led to a change in thinking. Nowadays many ancient sites have been re-established according to old plans and partly or totally are opened to the public.

With some members you can book a guided tour through these fantastic gardens and take some rest over a cup of coffee.

For a couple of years there has also been a possibility of buryings in forests, which are also offered  by some of our Allodien members.

Members with suitable offers

Schloss Ippenburg

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”Die Ippenburg” – a stronghold in medieval times, an elegant manor in the Baroque era, a romantic fantasy and a status symbol in the 19th […]
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Rittergut Remeringhausen

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With the individual buildings dating from different eras and a park in the style of an English landscaped garden, Remeringhausen Manor is an interesting testimony […]
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Gut Böckel

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Gut Böckel has once been described by the press as a ”silent oasis with a romantic charm”. Here in the historical buildings of the estate […]
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Gräflicher Landsitz Hardenberg

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The name “Gräflicher Landsitz Hardenberg” pools upscale hotels, gastronomy and golf as well as manifold activities and attractions.
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